Windows Defender Essentials – unknown beast

Scamming campaign to lure money from Windows users is taking place on the Internet. Unknown hackers distribute fake app Troubleshooter for Windows through hacked third-party software installer. After the installation it imitates the infamous blue screen of death and displays a message saying the computer is “missing .dll registry files resulting in computer failure”. The user then is offered to click “Next” to diagnose and find a solution to the problem.

When this is done, the user is notified that the issue can’t be solved with default Windows instruments. The user is recommended to follow a link and purchase Windows Defender Essentials. The program costs $25 and the money has to be transferred through PayPal. Researcher Pieter Arntz, who discovered the scamming scheme, points out that criminals tried to make the name of the program sound as authentic and recognizable as possible: it’s a hybrid of two existing Microsoft tools - Windows Defender and Security Essentials. However, Windows Defender Essentials does not actually exist.

Fortunately, scammers can be easily defeated using their own weapons – to deceive them. Users, who faced this problem, should hit Ctrl+O when the purchase screen comes up, in the opened dialogue window they need to enter That way the criminals will believe that the payment has been made and the attack will stop.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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