Britain followed the USA and banned the Russian anti-virus as well

Last Friday the United Kingdom's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a note that advises to not use anti-viruses produced by Russian companies. The order is applicable to all government departments, systems of which work with information classified as secret or above as well as some departments, which on a regular basis work with issues of national security, defense, foreign policy and international negotiations. The justification for the decision is that there is a risk that confidential information would get to Russian authorities through Kaspersky Lab anti-viruses.

At the same time NCSC points out that it is negotiating with Kaspersky Lab and in case a transparent mechanism of independent checking of Russian security solutions, which confirms the absence of risks, is developed, this information will reach the British government. Kaspersky Lab also has confirmed its openness to cooperate with the NCSC and its interest in creating a transparent mechanism of independent audit. It was reported previously that the Russian company is willing to create “transparency centers” in Europe, Asia and the USA and attract independent experts to have a comprehensive checking of their products in order to eliminate all suspicions in cyber espionage.

source:  Kaspersky Lab

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