Hacker service Leakbase ceased its activities

Cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs reported that Leakbase ceased its activities. This hacker service became prominent in September 2016, when it began offering a paid subscription. Resource's administrators claimed that they were in possession of a database of over two billion stolen usernames and passwords. However, in April this year Leakbase was hacked and after that the owner has changed. According to Brian Krebs, the new administrators were linked to drug dealing on the cybercriminal black market Hansa. Dutch police closed down this trading place in July and it cannot be ruled out that current disappearance of Leakbase is connected to the investigation of Hansa.

Nevertheless, around two weeks ago Leakbase administrators, who used to communicate with users very well, stopped answering. Last weekend the service stopped working at all. At the moment the visitors are redirected to haveibeenpwned.com. This is a legitimate resource created by researcher Troy Hunt. It is dedicated to the largest data breaches and allows users to find out if they were among breaches' victims.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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