Data of 31 million Ai.Type users discovered in open access online

A serious scandal erupted around the company called Ai.Type, a developer of the app with the same name, which is a virtual keyboard for mobile devices.  As it turned out, one of the company’s servers wasn’t protected by password and literally anyone could have gotten access to the database of 577GB of data. The information includes data of 31 million users and their devices, which consists of their names, phone numbers, email addresses, logins of associated social media accounts, as well as devices’ names and models, IMEI numbers, etc.

Specialists at Kromtech Security Center made the unpleasant discovery. However, problems of the Ai.Type and its users do not end there. As it turned out, the company, contrary to its own promises, stored the data unencrypted. Moreover, some information was discovered among the stored data that the company didn’t have a right to collect and store, for example, contact lists of some users. Cybersecurity specialists are extremely concerned by the incident and urge the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the state regulator of the industry, to take action against Ai.Type, which violated its obligations.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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