Leading cryptocurrency service NiceHash got hacked

NiceHash, one of the largest services for mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency, fell victim to a hacker attack. During several hours visitors couldn't get access to the website: they would only see a notice that “maintenance” is taking place. After that, the resource administration reported a hack and recommended users to change the passwords.

NiceHash, registered in Slovenia, gives users a possibility to rent computer power for mining or lease their own. The Bitcoin then can be transferred to users’ wallets or stored in the wallets on the NiceHash website. It was the latter than got hacked as a result of a cyber attack. NiceHash does not specify the amount of damage, but according to third-party experts it could be about $66 million. It should be noted that the attack was conducted on the day when the exchange rate for Bitcoin reached its historic maximum, exceeding the mark of $14 thousand.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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