Americans do not trust anyone with their personal data

ExpressVPN, one of the largest VPN service providers in the USA, has published the results of a survey it conducted. The goal of the research was to establish how much does it worry Americans that their personal data might end up in someone else's hands.  Turned out the level of concern is quite high, despite all the attempts by the politicians to convince citizens that access to the information stored on their devices can, for example, help strengthen national security. So, only 28 percent of the respondents agreed to give the government access to their personal data in case it is required for national security reasons. 58% of respondents clearly stated that access to data could be provided only if there is a court-issued warrant.

Respondents were also asked who did they suspect the most in reading their emails. The US government was number one, followed by Google. Internet providers and employers (in case emails are sent from office devices) are next. Finally, researchers also asked who would the respondents prefer to entrust their personal data. Interestingly enough 6 percent chose Edward Snowden saying that they trust him more than, for example, the National Security Agency, the secrets of which Snowden made public.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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