Electronic ghosts threaten with cyber war

Hacker group Electronic Ghosts of the Caliphate announced the beginning of a large-scale war. Electronic ghosts have declared their connection with ISIS (a terrorist organization, banned in many countries of the would, including Russia) and are willing to ruthlessly fight the “enemies of the caliphate” in cyberspace. In the video, spread by the group, they announce that on December the 8th the first powerful attack will be carried out aiming at webpages of the US government organizations and military.

However, cybersecurity experts do not tend to overestimate the danger of these threats. They point out that Electronic Ghosts are a subdivision of a much larger group - United Cyber Caliphate (UCC). This group has become more active lately after a period of silence; however, the level of hacker skills is not very sophisticated. All it has done so far is hack social networks accounts and deface not very popular websites and that’s it.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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