Opera browser has introduced protection against secret mining

Norwegian Opera Software has introduced a beta-version of the crypto currency mining blocker in its popular browser Opera 50. The stable version of Opera 50 will be released early next year and Opera will become the first browser that has this function. The demand for it might be quite high because secret mining has become an extremely popular phenomenon in the recent months. Opportunistic website owners add JavaScript codes to their pages in order to generate Monero crypto currency through user browsers without user consent. However, it is even more common for hackers to crack websites and inject them with the code. Anyway, there have already been thousands of cases and users are left to guess why CPU of their computers suddenly jumps to a maximum.

This setting called NoCoin is a part of an ad blocker that has already been introduced in Opera browser. It discovers and blocks JavaScript codes for mining. In the beta-version of Opera 50 this setting is active by default.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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