Hackers pretend to be printers

Barracuda Networks specialists reported that malicious files are spread around disguised as documents automatically sent by office printers. Since the end of November, company’s experts have already discovered several million cases. The attack exploits the fact that modern office printers from leading manufacturers - Canon, HP and Epson – are multifunctional. These devices are widely used not only for printing but also for scanning and coping documents. After processing, the digital version of the documents might be automatically sent by devices in emails. Such emails are quite common and do not arouse suspicion among employees of large offices. This is exactly what cyber criminals use. They sent emails with a topic “Scanned from HP”, “Scanned from Epson” or “Scanned from Canon”. The attached file masked as a PDF is actually malicious. In case the document is opened it creates a backdoor on the infected device and provides criminals with an opportunity for cyber espionage and remote access.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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