Cyber attack as a way of employment

A judge in North Carolina sentenced Todd Michael Gori, 28. His case seems quite unusual: the young man tried to get a job at an IT company by threatening them with a hacker attack. Gori intended to get a job at TSI Healthcare, which develops software for medical institutions. The lack of vacancies didn't stop him. In emails he demanded the company to fire one of the employees and take him instead of her. Otherwise, he threatened to destroy the company with unnamed friends in a series of powerful cyber attacks. Gori claimed that he discovered several vulnerabilities on TSI Healthcare's website, which he would exploit during the attacks.

The choice of the “victim” was clearly not accidental: in one of the messages Gori wrote that he sent his CV to the company several times but they were all rejected by this employee. He considered himself to be very skillful, assuring he can work “100x better”. Alas, TSI Healthcare didn’t appreciate Todd Michael Gori’s eagerness. The company contacted the FBI and soon the unsuccessful candidate was arrested. He was sentenced to 37 months in prison.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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