Security by Snowden

NSA former employee Edward Snowden famous for giving the information of NSA spying programs to the press decided to help journalists again. He was one of the developers of a mobile app called Haven. Specialists at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (which Snowden is the president of) together with the Guardian Project created the software product.

According to the developers, Haven app should protect “investigative journalists, human rights defenders, and people at risk of forced disappearance”. The program reacts to vibration, sounds and movement, automatically transforming a smartphone into a recording device. Saved photos and audios the program can send to other devices. Therefore, in case a smartphone with Haven installed is stolen (including the situation when the owner is kidnapped) the chances to solve the crime are significantly higher.  At the moment, the development of the app is at the beta stage and works only on Android OS, but it is hoped Haven will be released for iOS in the future as well.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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