A breach of Ancestry.com has been discovered

Ancestry, the largest non-profit service in the world that specialized in genealogy research, reported a leak of its RootsWeb forum users’ data. Due to a configuration error a file was placed on forum’s server in open access that had personal data of around 300 thousand people. The information includes account names, passwords and email addresses of users, but doesn’t contain anything like banking card data.

RootsWeb forum, where several million people are registered, is used to search and exchange information about ancestors. According to preliminary estimations, data of around 245 thousand accounts that got breached belongs to free or trial accounts of the forum. Nevertheless, about 55 thousand accounts affected by the breach were used on the RootsWeb forum as well as on other Ancestry services. At the moment, RootsWeb’s function has been disabled; all victims have been notified about the need to change their passwords. The company is certain that the breach is the result of a technical error and they see no evidence of a system hack.

source:  Technical Center of Internet

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