My mail account has been stolen, what do I do?

Step 1: Gain full control of your account

Try to login first. If the password was changed, use password recovery measures by clicking “Forgot password” and follow your mail provider instructions. As soon as you got your account back, change the password immediately for something long and not exactly easy to guess. Using a mix of letters, special symbols and numbers helps.

Step 2: Check other accounts

After gaining access to your mail account, the criminals were probably able to start password recovery procedures with services where your mail address is connected to your account. Check “Sent” and “Trash” to see if they did. In any case, immediately change passwords for accounts connected to your mail address, change passwords for services where you have used a password that has been compromised, and never use the same password for two or more accounts.

Step 3: Check if you’re a spammer now

Hacked mail accounts are often used for sending spam or for phishing attacks. Check your Sent Messages folder for any signs of suspicious activity. Sometimes, your friends would ask about strange letters sent from your address – this might also be a sign that you’re sending spam. Warn your contacts that your account has been hacked, and apologize.

Step 4: Check if your mail applications are working correctly

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail or any mobile apps to check your e-mail, make sure to change your old password for your new one. For each application, you will have to find its preferences and the field where you can enter a new password.

Step 5: Protect yourself from future threats

Use stronger passwords to avoid compromising your accounts in the future. Remember the longer the password, the more different letters, symbols, and numbers there are, the better.

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