Getting rid of spam

There is no magic pill to fully get rid of spam. Unfortunately, the Internet today is plagued by unwanted messages containing annoying advertising or dangerous links and attachments. Even the companies offering completely legitimate goods and services don’t hesitate to use mass advertising practices, let alone the “black market”, where spam sells porn, sexual services and counterfeit goods. In Russia, spamming is prohibited by law; however, law enforcement agencies are unable to fight this threat, so users have to protect themselves. A few practices that could prove useful:

  1. Have several mail accounts ready. Use one only for sending and receiving messages; never use it on websites. As soon as your address appears on the Internet, it comes in spammers’ crosshairs, and it is only a matter of time until you’ll start receiving hundreds of spam messages per day. This is why you should use another mail address for registrations: it will soon be flooded by spam emails, however, you’ll always be able to create a new email account and change your email in all website accounts. Your address that you use to connect with others will stay the same, and you would not have to change it.

  2. Never reply to spam, even if it will allegedly help you to unsubscribe. Spammers never read your replies, and their only goal is to check if you are really using your mail account. As soon as you reply, there will be more spam as you have “validated” your address for spammers.

  3. Whatever the situation, never open attachments or click links contained in spam emails.

  4. Your security software should include spam protection. Always make sure you have the latest versions of your browser, security software and other applications you use often. Not following this simple rule may result in your computer becoming a part of a botnet, and you becoming a spammer (though unconsciously). A botnet is a network of infected computers, and it is often used for sending spam, while computer owners are unaware of these activities.

  5. If your mail account becomes a target for spammers, the best tactics is to register a new one. This could result in serious inconvenience, but there is no other way to get rid of spam completely.

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