Protecting yourself from seasonal cybercrime

Security experts are well aware of the so-called seasonal cybercrime. These activities usually reach their peak consequently with peaked activity of online shoppers and online banking users – just before the national holidays. In US, the seasonal cybercrime is at its peak before Black Friday, with FBI releasing special warning for Internet users in 2013.

In Russia, these criminal activities coincide with New Year, the time of gifts and salary bonuses which are often spent online. Here are a few recommendations to stay safe during holidays.

  • Make sure the page you are doing your shopping at has its address starting from https://, not http://, when you are completing your order and are ready to pay. Otherwise, you are not using a secure connection.

  • Be especially aware of letters from your bank. Don’t click on links in these messages. If you consider clicking necessary, open a new browser window and enter the address manually. There are many methods to make an user click the link and redirect him/her to a completely different page. If the letter is fraudulent, entering the link manually will help to avoid trouble. It will also help to confirm if the letter is a fraud.

  • Pay special attention to the website and sender addresses. The missing or added letters, or changing their order in the brand names is a well-known, but still very effective trick.

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